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Fleco Attachments is the leader in factory direct attachment sales.  Our committed sales staff strives for excellence and accountability in every aspect of our business. We are a one-stop-shop for in stock and custom made attachments to fit your every need.  We carry thousands of attachments and replacement parts in stock, including Excavator Buckets, Hydraulic and Manual Quick Couplers, Grapples, Thumbs, Forks, Rakes, Rippers & Skid Steer Attachments. Our replacement parts include teeth, pins, shims, bolt-on edges and side cutters. Fleco attachments will enhance performance and productivity on any machine.

Attachment Seekers

Hydraulic Quick CouplerCouplers

Fleco Attachments offers both Hydraulic and Manual Quick Couplers. Fleco Hydraulic Quick Couplers include one set of Dead Pins and a high quality Hydraulic Kit. Fleco Couplers have an adjustable design allowing for an easy exchange of a variety of attachments. Read more about the Hydraulic Quick Coupler.

Mechanical ThumbThumbs

Fleco Thumbs feature an A-Frame design to eliminate twisting and will add versatility and efficiency to any machine. Fleco Thumbs come in Manual, Hydraulic, Direct-Link and Progressive Link configurations.


Fleco Buckets are available in Heavy Duty, Severe Duty and Ditch Cleaning configurations and are built to OEM specifications. Cat teeth are standard but optional teeth are available as well as bolt-on side cutters and dead pins.


Fleco Attachment’s excavator Grapple can be used for demolition, land clearing, material handling, recycling, salvage operations or any other task requiring clamping, prying or break-out forces. Grapples come in two configurations, heavy duty and high capacity.


Fleco Rippers can be used to break up hard or frozen ground, pavement, break up rocky surfaces or dig up stumps and roots. Rippers are available for any size machine and easily attaches to any excavator stick or quick coupler. Stumpers with a serrated web are also available.

Moldboard RakeRakes

Fleco Attachments manufactures Grapple Rakes, Excavator Rakes, Moldboard Rakes for dozers and Grove Rakes. Fleco rakes are an excellent choice for land clearing operations. Read more about our Rakes.

Bucket TeethReplacement Parts

Fleco Attachments carries a variety of bucket teeth, pins, shims, side cutting edges and bolt-on edges. We also carry replacement hydraulic cylinders for thumbs. Call Fleco Attachments for your needs.


Fleco Bucket Forks come in a variety of sizes and include the weld-on mounting brackets, shaft and tines. Fleco also carries Grapple Forks, Pallet and Utility Forks, Millyard Forks and Car Body Forks. Skid Steer Forks are available with the back frame and tines or as replacement tines only.

Skidsteer Attachments

Fleco offers a full line of attachments for the Skid Steer which includes rakes, grapple rakes, low profile buckets, high capacity buckets, rock buckets, stacking rakes, and root grapples, all with the universal quick attach. Call for your Skid Steer attachment needs.

*Pictures are representative only, actual product and custom built items may vary