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Fleco Attachments is the premier manufacturer of high-strength rakes for excavators, backhoes and loaders. Fleco rakes are manufactured with superior quality and durability in mind. Rakes have excellent wear resistance and are designed with a tooth configuration that allows maximum reach for higher piling of materials (stacking & loading).

Grapple Rakes

  • Features independent arms to carry uneven loads.

Excavator Rakes

  • Double top tube frame with an extra large bottom tube.
  • Dual gussets are added to the tines to prevent bending. (Tines are made of AR400 steel)

Grove Rakes

  • Use a custom “V” tree positioner with serrated edges. (allows a tight grip on any tree trunk)
  • Backdrag plate to fill trunk holes in quickly.
  • Salvage, sort, and load logs for greater efficiency.
  • Features independent arms to carry uneven loads.

Dozer Blade Rakes

  • Use AR400 steel tines engineered for minimum ground resistance and longer life.
  • Fits many different size moldboards with its universal design.
  • Thick tines are welded to a heavy wall steel tube.
  • Quick and easy installation and removal. (2 welded brackets and 2 quick removal pins)

Fleco also makes Heavy Duty Land Clearing Rakes and has the capability of making large scale custom attachments that suit your needs.

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Quad-Arm Rake

Quad Arm Rake


Grove Rake

Grove Rake


Heavy Duty Land Clearing Rake

Heavy Duty Land Clearing Rake

*Pictures are representative only, actual product and custom built items may vary